5 Changes in 4 Weeks

It’s been four weeks since my last post. It feels like much longer. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

sugar push 5 changes in 4 weeks

1. I moved out of home – sort of. 

On the 30th November I flew to Sydney and moved into my new home. Sure, it’s a shared townhouse so I’m not exactly alone but it’s certainly a different feeling to living with my parents! Unfortunately I was only there for two and a half weeks before I flew back to Adelaide. In one week I make the move permanently!

2. I officially became a Pastry Chef.

I graduated from my Diploma of Confectionary Arts in August, however I didn’t really feel like a Pastry Chef until I’d worked my first day as one. Actually – it still feels a little weird to call myself that. Joining the team at SWEETNESS The Patisserie has been the most exciting decision of my life.

3. I started learning how to cook.

I admit, I’ve been spoilt. My mum is an amazing cook and I’ve never had the need to learn. While I can bake up a storm, cooking an actual meal is a whole different issue. I made soup for the first time – it wasn’t the best ever, but it fed me for a week and that’s a win for my bank account.

4. I made a four tier wedding cake.

Want to know what stress is for me? It’s working 50 hour weeks, while trying to make sugar flowers, having to rush to only just catch your flight, and then having 2 days to assemble & decorate your first ever 4 tier wedding cake, before delivering it and being a bridesmaid in the same wedding. It was totally worth it.

5. I  got a year older.

Amongst all the stress mentioned above, apparently I had a birthday! Twenty five. Quarter of a century. I definitely feel old, but it helps that people keep mistaking me for an apprentice because I “look so young”. Keep the flattery coming!


Honourable mention: SugarPushCakes.com also had a big change with a redesign this weekend! Yay!

With Christmas now over and the year very soon coming to an end, all I’m wondering is whether 2015 can even come close to comparing to this year!

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