Solo Roadtrip: Adelaide to Sydney, Fires, Floods & the Fruit Police

Today I started the long drive from Adelaide to Sydney. My little blue Ford Fiesta is chock-a-block full of my most important possessions (aka a tonne of baking supplies & 50 billion cute dresses) and I am currently sitting about 700km from where I started this morning – halfway to Sydney!

This morning as I drove north out of Adelaide I couldn’t help but think of the devastation caused by the continuing bush fires in South Australia. I had no idea that by the time I got to New South Wales my concerns would be more about flash flooding, as severe thunderstorm warnings are announced. C’mon mother nature – give us a break!

Driving from Adelaide to Sydney is a long drive normally, but when you’re driving solo it feels even longer. On the plus side, it has allowed me to sing along to Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs the whooooooole way without hurting anyones ears. The whole way – seriously. My throat is a little sore.

Another thing about driving interstate from or to South Australia is the fruit regulations. I forget them every time! For those who don’t know, South Australia is a fruit fly free zone so we’re basically quarantined and no fruit is allowed in. What I wasn’t aware was that the Riverland district has it’s own quarantine area. This resulted in me panicking for a good few hours that I would be busted by the “Fruit Police” and arrested for my entirely safe (purchased in SA!), yet illegal zip-lock bag of watermelon.

Don’t you worry though, my smuggling activities went undetected. I’m a master criminal in the making! Hehehe…


Eight hours down. Eight and a half to go tomorrow. Then I’ll officially be one of those Sydney-siders!

Now what I want to know is, has anyone ever actually been busted by the “Fruit Police”?


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